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  This month I have scheduled two concerts, I couldn't say no. On Wednesday, October 22nd Jeni & Billy will be here at 7:00PM and on Friday, October 24th Michael Reno Harrell will be here at 8:00PM.

Anyone who’s seen Appalachian duo Jeni & Billy live will have been holding their breath for this album. You will be delighted they have released this live collection of their “hits,” complete with Jeni Hankins’ riveting and delightful explanations behind each song. Each and every story will make you laugh or cry, whether it’s the tale of the grave of her moonshining great-grandpa or her Uncle Roy Lee’s beloved pink car. The way she describes cedar trees swaying in the breeze or a young child’s innocence in the face of adult alcoholism is almost as pleasing as listening to her bell-like vocals and Billy Kemp’s deft plucking.

Michael Reno Harrell is a classic storyteller with a voice that's part Marty Robbins, part John Prine. There's an organic timelessness to his songs, whether he's rushing through a classic on-the-run tale or quietly mourning a long-dead friend.

For each evening I am requesting a $15.00 donation with all proceeds going to the mucians. For information and reservations please call (530) 753-3472 or email wjwagman@dcn.org.


Bill Wagman's House Concerts


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