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  Saturday, October 1st, Ernest Troost, 7:30PM

Ernest introduces himself by saying "If the Carter Family, Robbie Robertson and Alfred Hitchcock had written songs together, they might sound like this." Ernest mixes traditional country blues and ragtime influences with spell-binding lyrics. 

Playing in his infectious Piedmont-blues style, Ernest has phenomenal guitar chops. His voice is uniquely his own, and free of affectation. His melodies are inventive and original, and his lyrics, though deep, are in a straightforward, everyday vernacular. His songs are filled with almost cinematically-described characters, so vivid they linger long after the songs end. Humble on stage and off, Ernest is the whole package. He was also recently a New Folk winner at Kerrville. The thing which surprised me most was to learn that Ernest also composes film scores. He is well worth checking out. 

Music will start at 7:30 and a $15.00 donation is requested with all proceeds going to Ernest.

For information and reservations call (530) 753-3472 or email me, wjwagman@dcn.org. I hope to see you here.


Bill Wagman's House Concerts


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